Early Morning Prayer


The New Testament records of Jesus, “And rising up early in the morning, He went out unto a solitary place and there prayed.” Before the hustle and bustle of everyday life set in, Christ was with His Father in prayer. This example from the Saviour inspired some of the Whitewell people to begin their own early Morning Prayer meeting, one which some have even described as, ‘the ‘engine’ room of the church.  It starts at 6.30am and is for the most dedicated of members. It includes young and old; the only requirement being a willingness to call upon God and pray.  Jesus also once said: “Men ought always to pray and not to faint,” yet men and women of consistent prayer are still not easy to find. That’s why those who attend this particular meeting are worth their weight in gold to the Tabernacle ministry.  The meeting covers many aspects.  Prayer is offered up on behalf of our government, both secular and spiritual. The pastors are consistently remembered at this meeting and unity of the church is often the theme of the meeting. It is usually a small, but faithful group which come; saints which God has burdened to pray for the work and the nation.