Media Team


The Media department is responsible for all the audio, video and lighting at the Tabernacle’s services. It is run by Ian McAlees and Colin Gilliland.

The generation we live in is a very modern, media informed one. We consume media in every aspect of life; whether we’re watching television, viewing a DVD, listening to CDs or MP3s in our car or from our iPod or watching/listening online.

We believe that media, used appropriately, can greatly enhance a service for those attending, and can spread the gospel far beyond the walls of the church building, helping those who are shut-in, those who cannot travel to the tabernacle for various reasons, those who are away on business and even missionaries wanting great ministry from a local church.

In addition to two full-time staff (Ian and Colin), this dedicated team of over 20 volunteers supports all the technical requirements of the Tabernacle. We have camera operators, vision engineers, sound and lighting engineers and projection operators. There’s not a single service at the Tabernacle that we don’t take part in. We also look after all the technical requirements when the church goes out on mission. We film in Kenya and Ethiopia, provide live video and audio from remote locations back into the service and take care of all the technical facilities at gospel rallies large and small.

The Gospel is the greatest message in the world – and it is up to us to use the tools available to help present it in this media aware generation.

For further information contact Ian McAlees