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The Crown

As the scripture says "Prophecy is to be judged" and if it comes to pass then it is of the Lord. That first prophecy back in the Old Orange Hall was itself about to be fulfilled in the most spectacular way. After all, months and years of difficulties had been endured for the sake of the cross.

Just like he promised, the Spirit had come and made Whitewell the reaping church that was predicted.In fact, having now taken the Gospel to every town and city across the province, Whitewell had become arguably the largest church in the United Kingdom. Remember the words, "I will bring into your midst hundreds of young people and many visitors will come to you by aeroplane and ship to see what the Lord has accomplished among you".

These words had been realised even before the building of Whitewell's largest development so far, a seven million pound Tabernacle, directly beside the shores of Belfast Lough. Like Elisha the Lord visited his faithful servant James McConnell telling him to build again. "Do not subdue the land - take it with all thy might" - saith the Lord