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Starting out with just 10 people back in 1957, the Whitewell Church has now increased to a capacity of 2600 and is today one of the most vibrant churches in Ireland.

The Metropolitan Tabernacle witness endured the period known as “the troubles” in Ulster during the dark days of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The work has continued to grow ever since and today is a worldwide ministry due to the explosion of Christian television and internet broadcasting.

Following seasons in three different churches, of various sizes, it was decided that in order for growth to continue, a move from the Whitewell Road to the Shore Road was the only solution – hence the building of the opulent new sanctuary known as The Metropolitan Tabernacle.  This decision has proved to be a major success for a church which today boasts a mainly working class congregation made up of people from every religious and cultural background, yet boasts amongst its parishioners a number of local dignitaries and politicians.

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